Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Staying in Mboro

Yesterday we found out where our permanent sites will be. They performed a ceremony-like procedure where we were all blindfolded and guided to our respective locations on a large map painted on the basketball court. As I stood there in anticipation of the reveal I remembered the prayers I prayed back in January after my initial interview with my recruiter. I had asked her what my chances were of getting an assignment and she told me basically it was only a matter of time. I began thinking about my community at that instant. I wondered what they would be like and I wondered what they would need. I started getting excited then and it has not stopped. I didn't know the process would take so long and the decision would be made a few weeks before I found out, but here I am. And I am so happy. I love Mboro and I'm very excited to start working there. It is very hot right now but apparently it cools down after October. There is a Catholic Church there which is fun to attend. I don't understand anything yet but the music is worth the language barrier. I have already made a few friends and learned the basics. I have a lot to learn about my community and how I can contribute but for now I am thrilled to be (almost) a part of Peace Corps Senegal. I have many steps to take over the next month to be sworn in. I will continue to pray for usefulness and patience. 

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