Friday, September 20, 2013

Exodus Adventurous

My blood is vaccinated, My bags are packed, and My family is sad. It's time to go to Senegal. 

If you're reading this it most likely means you know me. And if you know me then you know where I'm going, why, and what this blog is basically about so I will skip those details for now. What I am posting about today is a little of my personal reservations about leaving and more importantly the concept overriding the theme of my blog. So let's get at it:

I've never been this emotional about leaving Thomaston (my home town in CT). It's not that I don't usually like it here, but rather because it is literally my favorite few days out of the year for weather. The leaves are just starting to turn, the air is crisp but not chilling, and it smells like apples everywhere.  It also doesn't ease my exodus that I have been having so much fun lately seeing everyone and saying goodbye. This has given a lot of my friends opportunities to see each other and I'm so happy about that.  The whole object though, which makes it all a bit ironic, is that I leave and don't come back for a while. So ultimately i must put my attachments to the past away and cling to a new and exciting future with the Peace Corps. 

About this blog: aside from my weekly (maybe monthly depending on Internet access) stories and grumblings from Senegal, I want to write about the world I see through an athletic lens.  Similar to the way many writers explore the world by food, I want to use running as a base to encounter many local and national sports. My background is running (I guess the metaphorical hamburger/hotdog meal in this situation) but I am really excited to see both how people run and perform other sports customary to their areas.  I hope to find this as an influential part of their culture and maybe it will, after all, lead to some great food experiences too. If this doesn't make sense quite yet we will just have to see where this  literary voyage takes us.

Thanks for readying and Bon Voyage!


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